Dear Friends,  


As 2018 draws to a close and the fall/winter seasons make themselves known, we at YCSA are once again asking you to help us carry out our mission to be of service to our neighbors.  We need your support to help our neighbors stay in their homes, stay warm and keep food on their tables.  Poverty is not always visible; but it exists, even here in York.  During this past year, YCSA has made some significant changes to make it easier for people who are in need to find help.  All they have to do is walk through one door.  No more visiting different places for different needs.  Walk through YCSA’s one door and a helping hand and a caring heart will greet you.

In the words of a mother in town who asked YCSA for help this past year:

“I was skeptical about going to YCSA for help. Prior experiences with agencies and the degradation they made me feel when I desperately needed help for my family did not sit well with me.  They are our community helpers, a listening ear and big huggers. I can’t tell you how many times I needed all three. When I had no job, I received oil to heat my home, help with rent and electricity, dental repair, medicine for my daughter and food for my table. Things are much better now, but sometimes I can still be a little short for food and knowing that I can go to the Food Pantry is such a blessing.”  “YCSA has had a profound effect on me that I still experience to this day.  I came in with my dignity, and I left with my dignity.  They make it a point to be sure that each and every person that walks through their door walks away with their dignity intact. They have truly invested in the individuals that use their services.” “I am so thankful for this agency and the work they do in our town. I hope that the community continues to support YCSA. One day I will be in a position to pay it forward to YCSA as they have helped me and countless other York residents.” 

YCSA offers help to the community by the community.  All donations stay local. Won’t you please make a generous donation to help keep our one door open?  We cannot continue to offer the much needed support to members of our community without your help. From our experience, we know that those receiving the help are always abundant in their gratitude.


Thank you for your support,

Michelle Surdoval, Executive Director
Susan Bickford, Treasurer  
Chris Haddad, Board Member 
Fred Diehl, Board Member  
Karen Gilroy, Board Member 

Roger Poisson, Board President Julie Littlefield, Secretary Patricia Murray, Board Member Ron McAllister, Board Member

Ready to make your much-appreciated donation? 

To make a one time or sustaining donation, simply use the donation button here
or at the bottom of any page on our site. Before you check out, you will see a note area where we ask that you write in where you would like your donation to go:  
Fuel Assistance, Ending Hunger or General Support.

We thank you!