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Sept. 13, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

How to Create a Rental Unit

Co-Sponsored with the York Public Library

Housing Navigation Pilot Program


Fair Tide and York Community Service Association (YCSA) have over 100 years of combined experience serving households in southern York County.  Fair Tide’s mission is to reduce homelessness by providing housing and supportive services to individuals and families. YCSA partners with York residents who are in need of support, services, and referrals during a difficult time in their lives.  Both agencies adapt their approach to this work as needs in the community evolve, resources change and evidenced-based practices emerge. 


Landlord Engagement Initiative

Become a Landlord Partner!

Landlords and property managers in the Seacoast area are in a unique position to contribute to our mission of reducing homelessness through the Landlord Engagement Initiative. 


Fair Tide in collaboration with YCSA, is expanding their already successful LEI program with the goal of connecting more landlords with qualified renters through the Housing Voucher Program



And check out these great incentives!

Landlord Incentives include:

Guaranteed Rent

Tenants with housing vouchers pay 30% of their income towards rent and utilities, with the voucher covering the remainder (up to the rental cap determined by the government). The portion paid by the voucher is deposited into your bank account at the beginning of every month. The tenant’s portion is paid directly to you from the tenant. Our case manager assists in making sure this is paid in full and on time.

Damage Loss Mitigation

Landlords may file a claim for up to $2,000 from this fund if there are physical damages to the unit that are above and beyond normal wear and tear and the cost to fix the damages is greater than the security deposit. The fund may also cover lost revenue due to nonpayment of rent, evictions or prolonged unit turnover due to damage repair. 

Vacancy Loss Coverage

Funds are available for up to one-month’s rent to landlords who agree to hold a unit for a voucher recipient while voucher process is underway. 

Sign on Bonus

 A one-time sign on bonus of $500 per unit is awarded to LEI partners who participate in the program. Funds are disbursed upon tenant move in and require a one-year minimum lease. 

Case Management Support

Fair Tide and/or YCSA provides ongoing case management services to all LEI renters, visiting the tenant regularly to help with stability and goal achievement. The case manager and executive director serve as resources and points of contact for the landlord if any issues arise. 

Landlord Engagement
Initiative Incentive Package

Amber Harrison

Housing Innovation Manager

York Community Service Association

855 US Route 1

PO Box 180

York, Maine 03909

(207) 363-5504 ext. 6

Emily Flinkstrom

Executive Director

Fair Tide

15 State Road

Kittery, Maine 03904

(207) 439-6376

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